Places of interest

Janosik Diery

Some of these locations are closed during winter months, please check their website for details.

The statue of Janosik  Janosik was the local here who robbed the rich and helped the poor, located on the left hand side  on the road towards Vratna

Terchovsky Betlehem a hand crafted nativity scene made from wood by a local craftsmen with animation. Can be seen in the local Church of St Cyril and Method.

Janosikove Diery Divided into three parts Dolne Diery, Horne Diery and Nove Diery. A stream that has helped to form them over many years still runs through the ravine.
There are about 20 waterfalls and the rocky faces that have taken years to form offer home to many plants, flowers and creatures. Enter Diery from Stefanova or Biely Potok.
Dolne Diery offers an information board to guide you through the area, it has two small waterfalls, is an easy route, suitable for families with children
Horne Diery positioned between Velky and Maly Rozsutec, offers 9 waterfalls, ranging from 2 – 4 m, not suitable during bad weather, they have ladders and chains to help you on the way. Not open during winter, a difficult walk
Nove Diery offers 4 waterfalls from 1-2 m, they were the last to open to tourists hence the name Nove Diery – New Diery. Very nice walk, it is well worth doing all these routes, just be well dressed and enjoy the walk

Zoo Bojnice situated in a beautiful area close to Bojnice Castle, is the largest Zoo in Slovakia. First opened on the 1st of April 1955, the oldest and most visited Zoo in Slovakia, visitors can see 373 types of animals. For more information click here

Cabin lift Vratna – Chleb 744 – 1 494m
The cabin will take you just under the ridge of Mala Fatra. Seats 8 people, was built in 2006. It was developed for summer and winter sports enthusiasts. For winter sports, if you are looking for something a bit more extreme you will find it here. The pistes are not prepared except for Ostiepkova Mulda it has a few strips prepared on each side of the anchor lift. Everything else is off piste. If you fancy a break, need refreshments there is a restaurant Panorama located in the top cabin station. For more information click here

Cabin lift from Vratna to Snilovske Sedlo in Slovakia, used in winter and summer by tourists and skiers


Here is a list of caves for you to consider visiting, click on the website link for more information

1, Demanovska Cave of Freedom is one of the most beautiful and most visited caves in Slovakia. Very rich in shapes, colours, pools and other forms make this cave a must to see. You can find it in the Northern side of Nizke Tatry National Park. Website

2, Demanovska Ice Cave is located 2km from the Demanovska Cave of Freedom, North of the Nizke Tatry. Ice fills have been formed in the cave over the last 500 years, filled with odd and majestic shapes. Website

3, Vazecka Cave is located on the edge of Vazec county, between Liptovsky Mikulas and Poprad. This is the most popular cave in the North of Slovakia. In length it is among the shortest show caves, it is known for its rich dripstone decorations, remarkable findings of cave bear bones, as well as by rare cave fauna. Website

4, Harmanecka Cave is located in the Velka Fatra region. It was discovered in 1932. White soft flowstone dominates the cave and it is one of the most important localities of bat occurrences in Slovakia. Website

Harmaneckajaskyna    Demänovská jaskyňa slobody