Food & Drink


Here are a few shops that are located from your rented accommodation heading towards Terchova
Jednota – Co-op in Gregusovia
Elmi – Sama on the right hand side
Lidl by the junction in Terchova
Jednota – Co-op past the junction towards Vratna on the left hand side
N Sport in the centre of Terchova, sports equipment
Zilina 28km from Terchova, nearest town with lots of shops plus shopping centres

Salas Zazriva  Stary Majer

Eating out

Pizza u Adama street name Sv Martina 1
Pizza Italy on Janosikova street opposite the church
Restaurant Vrsky with a brewery in Vrsky, above the football field
Janosikova Koliba street name Sv Martina 1477 on the way to Biely Potok
Terchovska Koliba by Hotel Diery in Biely Potok
Restaurant Salas Zazriva on Rovna Hora, they also sell local dairy products, after Biely Potok
Restaurant Stary Majer in Stary Dvor, Vratna
Country Saloon Bela on the way to Zilina
Diana a Hunting Restaurant, Straza on the way to Zilina

We have listed a few of the Food and Drink options available to you, if you are interested to find others you can always ask in the Tourist information office in Terchova, located in the local council property.